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 RESERVE YOUR DOMAIN TODAY!! Good names are going fast - if you have one get it while you can.  The internet is exploding - be a part of it.  The Domain name is a separate charge and is a item you must register on your own.  We have made it as simple as possible by providing the below link to get your own domain (www.yourdomain.com) . Having your own domain also allows you to have

If you have not registered a new domain (and Want one) click on the below link to do so. REGISTER YOUR DOMAIN Click Here 

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Search Eng Submit Local Weather $ Auto Daily Rates
MLS Listing Eng Contact Form $ Ecom Catalog
Horoscopes $ Auto Responder Listing on AutoClasf
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Auto site = The Auto Site option gets your site up and running Quickly.  All you have to do is Select one of our templates from over 250 selections.  Put the Template name in the Designer comment box above.  Then A designer will pull your information and fill it in the the template.  Minor changes will be made for you at no charge.  Creating the Site from a Template is FREE.  Allow 7 days for your site template to be created.  Our designers will modify the template some to make it best fit your personal style.

Basic Custom Site =  The Basic Custom site gets you 5 pages custom designed to your request.  Obviously there are some limitations to how much we can do on a custom layout but our designers will let you know immediately if your request is possible.  90% of the people that request a basic custom site are very happy with the results.  This is where you need to fill in the comment box as much as possible.  If you like one of the template designs it is also helpful to mention it or some other web site that you like.  The designers will then take your request and create a custom site for you.  If you have a larger site in Mind feel free to ask - we do those as well.  Allow 7 Days to create your site.  Yes only 7 days.  At times there may be delays due to Domain Registration but that does not delay the creation of your Site.

Do It Your Self FTP Basic = This is your normal web site hosting service.  You send us the above information and you get an email back with your FTP access information.  Then you design the site with your web design software like Microsoft Front Page or Adobe Pagemill.  Those and many other software packages (including free ones like Microsoft Front Page Express (comes with Internet Explorer 5 - free at microsoft.com) allow you to design the software and upload (FTP) the files to your web site 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

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All Setup fees are final and are non refundable since our designers will begin work on this immediatel.y
Service fees are charged monthly or annually depending on your choice above
Cancelation and or termination of service must be faxed in with 30 day notice to 626-608-2082.