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Fill out the form below, then hit the "Onward!" button, to easily submit your site to some of the largest and most-used Internet search engines and directories. You'll be presented with a "framed" page featuring submit buttons to a variety of destinations. (The submit buttons will be in one frame, but their response pages will appear in the other, so you won't have to use your browser's "Back" button to bounce between pages to process all of the submissions.)

Be sure before you submit that the title of your page is descriptive and that it includes important keywords. (It can be up to about 50 characters in length.) META tags should also be used, of course, in addition to any description or keyword list you include below. The META "description" tag can contain up to about 200 characters; the META "keywords" tag can contain up to about 1,000 characters.

I. The following information is needed for "basic" submissions (Alta Vista, Excite/Magellan/Netfind, HotBot, Infoseek/Snap!, Lycos, Northern Light, WebCrawler and What-U-Seek).
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II. The following additional information is needed for "advanced" submissions (BizWeb, InfoSpace, LinkMonster, MCP's WWW Yellow Pages [a.k.a. New Rider's WWW YP], QuestFinder, Starting Point, and What's New Too!). None of this information is required; if you only want to submit your site to the "basic" sites listed above, that's fine. However, if you do want to submit your site to any of these extra search engines, you must at least include all of the information not marked "optional."
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III. You'll probably also want to submit your site to LookSmart, TradeWave's Galaxy and Yahoo!, and, if it's business-related, to ComFind and LinkStar, as well. Unfortunately, these directories aren't designed to cooperate with "automatic" submission systems, so you'll have to handle the submissions manually.
IV. Pricing and Credit Card Information.

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